A matter of Trust: the role of the image Ι Evia wildfires

A matter of Trust: the role of the image Ι Evia wildfires

The catastrophic wildfire of 2021 in North Evia.

August 2021, while most people were enjoying the beaches, the country is faced with a series of wildfires, the most significant being the one in North Evia. The particular weather conditions, the climate change and poor planning have led to a huge ecological, social and economic tragedy. A catastrophe of biblical proportions.

Within nine days North Evia changed completely. The beast of fire burned 51,203.154 hectares. 63% of these (32,218.892) at the Municipality of Limni - Mantoudi - Agia Anna and 37% (18,984.261) at the Municipality of Istiea - Edipsos. A total of 36 communities were affected with damages ranging from 62% - 77% (on average) of their total surface area. And since numbers rarely lie, 37,939.282 hectares of thousands of years old forest disappeared in a matter of forty-eight hours.

The destruction that has taken place in North Evia is immeasurable. The implications are serious not only for the natural environment and buildings, but also for the long-term incomes and economy of the region, which depends on the forest, and on agriculture - stock-raising - beekeeping and tourism. The inhabitants of the region have seen their land and their lives change violently, while in their effort to recover they have to deal with all the natural phenomena entailed by the violent environmental change, as well as all the socio-economic consequences of it. The devastating fire in North Evia left behind a heavy social, economic and environmental footprint for decades to come, for generations to come.


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