The Red Thread of Trust

The Red Thread of Trust

A live data visualisation experiment for journalists

Is journalism a vocation or a profession? If it’s a profession, how would you rate your working conditions? And if it’s a vocation, how do you evaluate your work in terms of serving the public interest?

iMEdD's International Journalism Week invites hundreds of professional journalists from Greece and abroad to participate in a live, innovative, journalistic, data visualization experiment conducted in a physical space. Using only a red thread as a tool, each journalist answers six multiple-answer questions spanning a nine-meter blackboard in the Media Village space.

The project’s ultimate goal is to capture the dynamics between iMEdD’s attending participants through the patterns that will form on the blackboard as a result of their responses.


Data visualisation: Thanasis Troboukis

Artistic direction and installation: Dimitris Tataris

Graphics: Sofia Geka

Electrical installation: Stathis Dimopoulos

Project managers: Thanasis Troboukis, Dimitris Bounias, Kelly Kiki