Ron Haviv

Ron Haviv

Director, Co-Founder, VII Foundation

Ron Haviv is an Emmy-nominated filmmaker and an award-winning photojournalist. He co-founded VII Photo Agency and The VII Foundation, where he currently serves as a director. He is dedicated to documenting conflict and raising human rights issues around the globe. His work in the Balkans was used as evidence to indict & convict war criminals at the international tribunal in The Hague.

President H.W. Bush cited Haviv’s photographs documenting paramilitary violence in Panama as one of the reasons for the 1989 American intervention. His photography is in museum collections around the world and he published five monographs.Haviv is the subject of numerous documentaries, including National Geographic Explorer’s Freelance in a World of Risk.

He has written opinion pieces for the Washington Post and The New York Times and spoken at TedX along with numerous other lectures at Universities and conferences.

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