Is journalism still relevant and necessary? What kind of journalism do we want? How can we regain the public's trust?

Recent years have seen a rise in criticism directed at journalists and media organizations worldwide. Many journalists are accused of being biased, publishing unverified information or even violating their profession’s code of ethics, while others end up being censored and often face danger in their efforts to expose the truth. At the same time, public engagement is decreasing at all levels, as the public is growing increasingly indifferent, failing to critically evaluate those in power and subsequently becoming a mere observer, vulnerable to manipulation.

iMEdD's International Journalism Forum 2022 brings into focus the issue of trust in journalism, attempting to take a deeper look into the underlying causes, consequences, and possible solutions.

Renowned Greek and international speakers, journalists, media professionals, as well as the public - as the recipient and ultimate judge of journalistic output - will participate in the forum to discuss and share their experiences.

The aim is to listen, discuss, reflect and exchange views on how to rebuild trust through honesty and transparency, in order for journalism to regain its footing and fulfill its role in the service of democracy.

This is a Matter of Trust.


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