24 hours Journalism

Journalism Forum 2019

On February 15th, iMEdD presented its scheduled activities and gave the first official "tour" of the space through a 24-hour event. Documentary and Visual Storytelling became the focus of the first discussion. The second discussion was on investigative journalism. This was followed by a presentation of the participants in the SNF fellowship program at the Graduate School of Journalism, Columbia University and the discussion on the policy report "The Threat of Misinformation: The European Parliament Elections and How News Organizations Can Respond and Respond" created as part of the Reporting on International Affairs, a CSIS Practicum in Journalism program with a grant from the SNF to the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in the United States.

As part of iMEdD's 24-hour inaugural event, the SNF Dialogues took place at the organization's spaces and, one year after their first discussion on Journalism.

At the same time, the venue hosted an exhibition of photographs of Greek photojournalists with international distinctions, projects by Greek cartoonists, documentary screenings and movie screenings around journalism, as well as allowed connections with journalists and scientists from different parts of the world through the Shared Portal, an initiative that brings together people from all over the world in real-time to discuss and reflect on issues of social, geopolitical, scientific and, of course, journalistic interest.

iMEdD's aim, which officially launched in 2019, is to build an innovative and creative community of independent journalists and professionals in the field through the interaction of all participants in the organization's programs.



day 1
07 Feb.
Documentary & Movies Screenings
Meet the iMEdD team: A presentation to members of the press
Documentary & Visual Storytelling: This is where journalism meets the image
Yorgos Avgeropoulos
Cinematographer, Journalist
Ioannis Papadopoulos
Journalist, Kathimerini
Sophia Papaioannou
Journalist, Presenter of Alpha TV news show 360°
Does investigative journalism exist in Greece or not?
Nikolas Leontopoulos
Journalist, Co-founder of Reporters United
Leila Minano
Member of Investigate Europe
Thodoris Chondrogiannos
Journalist, Inside Story
Haris Karanikas
Member of ICIJ, Journalist at
The story behind the stories: Presentation by the SNF Fellows of the Graduate School of Journalism, Columbia University
Janine Jaquet
Associate Dean, Alumni & Development, Strategy and Professional Programs, Graduate School of Journalism, Columbia University
Is Disinformation Threatening Democracy? The 2019 European parliamentary elections and how news organizations can respond – a policy report created in the framework of the “Reporting on International Affairs: a CSIS Practicum in Journalism” program suppor
Nikos Panagiotou
Associate Professor & SNF Fellows, Department of Journalism & Mass Communications
Yumi Araki
Senior Producer and Editorial Lead, iDeas Lab, CSIS
SNF Dialogues – Journalism: The Day After
Bousdoukou Anna-Kynthia
iMEdD Managing Director/SNF Dialogues Executive Director/Journalist
Andreas Dracopoulos
Co-President, Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF)
Iliana Magra
Journalist, The New York Times
Tasos Telloglou
Bertrand Pecquerie
CEO, Global Editors Network
Marija Ristic
Regional Director, Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN)
Antonis Diamataris
Publisher of the National Herald
Party & DJ Sets by Panagiotis Menegos, Claudia Matola, & Andrianos Papadeas