Three-Dimensional Journalism

Three-Dimensional Journalism

A data visualisation art installation on press freedom in 180 countries

The Reporters Without Borders' Global Press Freedom Index 2022 serves as a starting point for an original installation presented at iMEdD's International Journalism Week, capturing the state of journalism in 180 countries around the world in a physical space.

Each column represents a country and its position in the space reflects the ability of journalists in that country to report without political and economic interference.

The height of each column represents each country's ranking on the press freedom index. The higher the column, the better the country's ranking.

Visitors are able to compare countries against each other by selecting the ones they wish to illuminate using a specially designed electrical control panel.


Data visualisation: Thanasis Troboukis

Artistic direction and installation: Dimitris Tataris

Graphics: Sofia Geka

Electrical installation: Stathis Dimopoulos

Project managers: Thanasis Troboukis, Dimitris Bounias, Kelly Kiki