90 min
18:00 - 19:30 EET
30 Sep.
Documentary screening "Blix Not Bombs"
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"Blix’s person embodies the clash between high politics, world-class events and peaceful days of old age, with the slow expectation of the imminent end". - Greta Stocklassa

Greta had just turned 8 years old when she watched the unfolding of 9/11 on her tv in Stockholm. In the following months and years she saw her fellow countryman, the diplomat Hans Blix, become a major player in the global crisis, as weapons inspector for the UN. Now, in the 21st century of wars, political extremes and the climate catastrophes, Greta reaches out to Blix, now 94 years old, to ask if he can help her make sense of the world. Does diplomacy still have a role? Or is he the last of the great negotiators? Watch the trailer


Written & Directed by

Greta Stocklassa


Radovan Síbrt, Alžběta Karásková


Erik Winker, Mario Adamson, Martin Roelly, Ümit Uludağ, Ashley Smith

Sales & Executive Producers

Aleksandar Govedarica, Greg Rubidge

Associate Producers

Petra Dobešová, Sergio C. Ayala


Hans Blix, Eva Kettis, Mårten Blix, Greta Stocklassa

Director of Photography

Stanislav Adam


Alan Sýs, Jorge Sánchez Calderón

Sound & Music

Pavel Jan


About the director

Greta Stocklassa was born in 1993 into a Czech-Swedish family. Since 2013, she studies documentary at the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU) in Prague. Her short student films were screened at festivals in the Czech Republic and abroad. In her work, she focuses on the shadowy aspects of prosperous Western society. Using strong visual tools and film language more often used in feature films, she tries to describe the underside of current socio-political phenomenae; her films border on documentary and fiction. In 2019, she finished her full-length documentary debut Kiruna – A Brand New World which premiered in the main section of the Swiss documentary festival Visions du Réel and collected a number of awards, for example, the main prize of the student jury at Finále Plzeň 2020.

Curation: Thessaloniki International Film Festival