110 min
11:10 - 13:00 EET
30 Sep.
Tools and methods for processing and managing lots of data for investigations at OCCRP
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While every investigation is unique, there are a lot of similarities in regards to what we need from data. Searching for names across all the datasets and document troves, processing leaks, scraping contextual data like company registries or court cases, entity resolution across disparate data sources, mapping out networks, and more. These activities are so common that OCCRP has built an entire tool set to do these things quickly and efficiently so journalists can follow the money and connect the dots. In this presentation, Eric Barrett will present many of the components his small data team uses to support investigations all over the world and why they use them this way.

To actively engage in this hands-on workshop, participants are encouraged to bring their laptops and, if possible, register for an Aleph account in advance: