European Press Prize Community Event 2022

The first European Press Prize Community event will take place in Athens after the entry submission period has opened for the European Press Prize 2023.

The laureates, board members, preparatory committee members, judges, and partners will seek to broaden the horizons of future journalism in Europe and find new ways in which all these communities can support each other during the year.

The European Press Prize Community Event 2022 will take place on the last day of iMEdD's International Journalism Week (5-9 October 2022).

The Community Event aims to grow into an annual recurring networking event, which will be a key part of the year in the life of the Press Prize community of participants. The vision for the Community Event is to provide an opportunity for the laureates where they will be able to think together about their future plans, give and ask for help, and overall create a platform for all needs that reinforce the goal of telling stories at the highest level possible.

During the Community Event, there will be time and space for partnerships to emerge, funding opportunities to be discussed and each participant will have the opportunity to raise issues on the agenda.

The day (9 October 2022) will consist of two parts: a "closed" meeting open to the Press Prize community, including the winners, board members, preparatory committee members, judges and partners of the European Press Prize, and an event open to all International Journalism Week participants.

In order to further support the collaborative essence of the meeting, the exact program of the day will be largely dependent on the participating prize winners. Due to the hybrid programming, the event will consist of partially scheduled sessions and will allow space for the laureates to develop the rest of the program on the spot. As such, the vision for the Community Event is for it to feel more like an informal world café environment than a traditional networking event.

The European Press Prize is an institution created in 2012 to welcome and encourage high-quality journalism, wherever it is located on our continent. With annual awards, it aims to become the hallmark of quality journalism in Europe.