Exploring key themes at the iMEdD International Journalism Forum 2023

The iMEdD International Journalism Forum 2023 (#iMEdDIJF23) is approaching and promises to be an event addressing a wide range of topics relevant to the rapidly evolving media landscape. Here is a sneak peek into some of the key panels that will delve into critical issues impacting journalism today and tomorrow.

  • Climate coverage

Addressing one of the most pressing challenges of our time, this panel moderated by Pulitzer Center environmental investigations editor Gustavo Faleiros, will examine challenges and strategies of reporting on the climate emergency. Experts will delve into field reporting, the role of editors, and collaboration opportunities among global journalists using scientific data.

  • Far right

The rise of far-right movements across the globe has significantly impacted journalism. This panel will shed light on the challenges journalists face when reporting on far-right ideologies, exploring ethical considerations and strategies to ensure unbiased and reliable coverage.

  • AI and journalism

As artificial intelligence becomes increasingly integrated into newsrooms, this panel will explore the exciting possibilities and potential pitfalls of AI in journalism. Experts will discuss its impact on news production, story discovery, and audience engagement, while emphasizing the ethical implications and the necessity for human oversight.

  • Digital transformation

In an era of technological disruption, this panel will delve into the ongoing digital transformation of journalism. Representatives from three major media outlets will discuss their journey to a digital-first profile, share strategies for news organizations to adapt, innovate, and engage audiences in the digital age, and explore ongoing challenges in the “post-digital” era.

  • TikTok journalism

Exploring the fusion of social media and journalism, this panel will delve into the emergence of TikTok as a platform for news consumption. Experts will discuss the opportunities and challenges of delivering news content in extremely short and digestible formats, as well as the implications for journalistic credibility and accuracy.

  • Journalism and disability

This panel aims to shed light on the challenges faced by disabled journalists. Discussions will center around the importance of inclusive reporting, accessibility, and empowering journalists with disabilities to share their perspectives and stories effectively.

  • Malpractice and consequences

This panel will examine the role of media in society and the consequences of journalistic dishonesty. Professionals will discuss journalistic integrity, the challenges of self-regulation, the impact of misinformation, and explore strategies to maintain public trust in the face of false narratives.

  • Podcasts in a post-pandemic world

Podcasting witnessed a meteoric rise during the pandemic, captivating audiences with audio storytelling. This panel will delve into the industry's response and adaptation to the post-pandemic landscape, exploring opportunities for innovation and audience engagement.

  • Unleashing data

In an era of information overload, data journalism is crucial for uncovering hidden truths. This panel will explore the challenges journalists face in accessing open data and strategies to compel government transparency, and public bodies' responses to information release demands.

  • Looking for funding

Securing funding for journalism projects is an ongoing challenge. This panel will provide valuable insights and practical advice on finding financial support, establishing sustainable business models, and navigating the media funding landscape.

  • Tomorrow's newsroom

This panel will discuss the essential skills and competences required for young journalists to thrive in the future newsroom. Academics and students from the three Greek journalism schools will address the educational challenges of preparing the next generation of journalists and equipping them with the tools needed to be part of an evolving media landscape.

The iMEdD International Journalism Forum 2023 promises to be a dynamic platform for exploring these critical topics and more. By convening experts and professionals from various fields, the Forum provides a unique opportunity to gather insights, foster dialogue, and shape the future of journalism.

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