Good news, bad news, and the solution

Things go wrong, and one should report them efficiently and accurately. In the modern-day media landscape, talking about significant problems is the primary focus of journalistic stories. But since the seventies, the news has become increasingly hostile, a fact which has been reported to have a devastating effect on the audience’s mental health. With two ongoing wars and amidst the climate crisis, the tone of the media cannot help but remain downbeat. As a result, more and more people are becoming disenchanted with the news and prioritizing reducing their time exposed to the media cycle.

Solutions Journalism emerges as a potential response to the grim news industry. Certified trainer in Solutions Journalism Juliette Gerbais talked to iMEdD during the International Journalism Forum 2023 about her practice, while she and her team from the European Journalism Center (EJC) enlightened journalists through the workshop “Introduction to Solutions Journalism” on how they can approach this contemporary style of storytelling.

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