iMEdD International Journalism Forum 2023: Sessions you won't want to miss

As the iMEdD International Journalism Forum 2023 draws near, we are happy to spotlight some of the compelling sessions lined up for our attendees:

Lightning Talks: 

Safety & Freedom
In an era where the freedom of the press is both a right and a responsibility, our lightning talk will delve into the intricate balance between journalistic safety and freedom. Expect rapid-fire insights, experiences, and solutions from leading voices in the field.

Making News Together

The power of collaboration is the new superpower in journalism. Through compelling case studies, we will explore how partnerships between journalists, communities, or media outlets have birthed stories of immense public interest. These collaborative efforts have not only accelerated the publication of vital narratives but have also ensured that stories, which might have otherwise remained untold due to constraints of time or resources, see the light of day.

One on One: 

Inclusive Narratives
The session “Inclusive narratives: Making gender part of every story” promises to be an enlightening discussion. We will delve into the challenges and opportunities that media organizations encounter in championing gender-inclusive reporting. We will also hear firsthand from journalists who have been at the forefront of promoting diverse narratives and understand the profound impact of weaving gender perspectives into every story.

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