The role of Artificial Intelligence in the newsroom

“It was the first time I saw machine learning in an investigation, and my heart went faster”, says Flor Coelho during the break at iMEdDs International Journalism Forum 2023. Sitting on the stairs behind the venue of Piraeus 260, Flor tells iMEdD how being a judge for the Online Journalism Awards on investigative and data journalism changed her life a few years ago. This is when she realized the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence. Now, she is researching the challenges of AI and the opportunities this technology offers to journalists in La Nación’s data unit. But her news organization is not the only one integrating Artificial Intelligence into their practices.

Discussions on AI in journalism certainly permeated the Forum. While the Forum’s central theme for 2022 was trust in the media, the interplay between journalism and AI introduced an additional layer of complexity, further complicating the relationship between the two. This problem was raised during the panel “AI in the Newsroom: A debate on AI’s role in the media”. But is the journalistic world ready for this discussion?

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