Peralta Ramos Angelica (Momi)

Peralta Ramos Angelica (Momi)

Multimedia Development Manager and Data Journalism Team Leader, La Nación

Angelica (Momi) Peralta was part of the Lanacion.com initial teams between 1995 and 2004. Since 2006 she was in charge of a Research, Development and Training area that helped La Nación transform its newsroom into multiplatform ready and digital first, including the introduction of multimedia, social media and mobile journalism skills, technology, talent and tools and the introduction of new formats for digital content.

Since 2011 she also leads La Nación Data, the Data Journalism unit in the newsroom. Since 2019 she also leads the Climate and Nature Project, a cross newsroom sections initiative to support climate coverage and bridge the gap between science evidence and general audiences using data Journalism and visualization. For this she wants to join global data journalism efforts to support climate reporting, transparency and proactive action. Angelica is Computer Scientist, MBA and Project Manager. She loves to learn and innovate, family, nature, birdwatching and music.

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