Belmonte Eva

Belmonte Eva

Investigative Journalist/Director, Civio

Eva Belmonte is graduate of Journalism from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. She arrived to Civio after eight years in the newsroom of El Mundo in Barcelona (2004-2012). Eva Belmonte designs, leads, and monitors all of Civio's journalistic investigations.

An expert in the analysis and treatment of public information, specially public policies and procurement, she is the author of El BOE nuestro de cada dia, where she synthesises, on a daily basis, the Spanish Official State Gazette, informing citizens about how the decisions made therein affect them; she has published the book Españopoly (Ariel, 2015) in which she describes and documents how Spain's power structures function. Based on Civio's investigations, she designs and implements the foundation's advocacy on lobbying, access to information and accountability. She is also Professor of Investigative Journalism and Data on various official Masters.