Henk Van Ess

Henk Van Ess

Open Source Intelligence Specialist

Henk van Ess answers your questions with open-source intelligence. He is an independent online search specialist for law enforcers, media, fraud experts, cybersecurity experts, NGOs, and anyone else interested in the power and risks of online open-source information.

He trains NBC News, Global Witness, Buzzfeed, Google, Axel Springer, ITV, and Pulitzer-prize winners from The Wallstreet Journal in web investigations and social media research. He also assists lawyers in complicated cases, with finding new and surprising facts online.

Van Ess is a regular guest of conferences for reporters ( IRE, GIJC, SKUP, and CIJ. ) recruiters (SOSU), librarians, banks, educational organizations, or other groups that share his passion to find online information via lateral and literal thinking.