Live journalism, screenings, and an audio documentary

As we approach the iMEdD International Journalism Forum 2023, we are excited to highlight a few more standout sessions from our agenda:

Live Journalism:

“Inside The Black Box” with Musta Latikko (Helsingin Sanomat)
Experience the innovative world of live journalism as presented by Helsingin Sanomat's Black Box show. Since its inception in 2016, over a hundred journalists have transformed news into live performances for over 50,000 spectators across Finnish theaters. During the iMEdD International Journalism Forum 2023, the Black Box team will showcase three speeches, offering insights into the making of live journalism, the significance of the green transition in Finnish Lapland, and the intriguing topic of the lack of singing skills.

EPPisodes: Odyssey edition

From the ocean’s depths to the Balkan’s road-side cafe, from family secrets and the hidden lives of migrants to pirates and hostages – experience the power of our storytellers, live on stage. EPPisodes is a format brought by the European Press Prize, that brings the journalistic stories from the Prize’s Community to life.

Join filmmaker and journalist Apolena Rychlíková as she presents an advanced cut of her feature film, Limits of Europe”. This masterclass will delve into the challenges and techniques of documentary filmmaking, following the journey of journalist Sasha Uhlová. Experience firsthand the reality of global exploitation across farms, hotels, and the care sector in Germany, Ireland, and France.

Additionally, attendees will be treated to the screening of the documentary “Bad Blood”. The documentary investigates a mysterious death following expensive COVID-19 treatment at a prestigious Balkans hospital. Fearing that the corruptive ties between the state and the powerful doctor and owner of the Zan Mitrev Hospital will prevent them from revealing the truth, the family reports the case in the Investigative Reporting Lab, a member center of OCCRP based in Skopje, North Macedonia. The screening will be followed by a discussion with Saska Cvetkovska, investigative reporter and co-founder of the Investigative Reporting Lab (IRL) and the film's director Trifun Sitnikovski.

The documentary "Blix Not Bombs" is about Greta, who witnessed 9/11 as an 8-year-old, now seeks the wisdom of diplomat Hans Blix, wondering if diplomacy still matters in the 21st century.

Special Hearing:

Unveiling "TRAUMA": A deep dive into iMEdD's audio documentary

This interactive session will delve into the audio documentary, TRAUMA, produced by iMEdD. After a collective listening experience of the 35-minute audio documentary, creators and the audience will explore the documentary's insights and engage in further discussions about covering traumatic events and their long-lasting impact on society as a whole.

TRAUMA features interviews with survivors and relatives of victims who were affected by seven significant disasters and accidents in Greece from 1999 to the present. These testimonies consistently highlight a common theme: a widespread lack of trust in the government and a prevailing sense of impunity. This recurring pattern could be interpreted as “Freud’s concept” of the ‘repetition compulsion’, wherein society finds itself compelled to repeat certain behaviors and experiences.

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