During the iMEdD International Journalism Forum 2023, we will be hosting a range of workshops tailored to enhance your journalism skills, broaden your horizons, and address the evolving challenges and opportunities in the world of journalism.


Investigating War Crimes using OSINT:
Harness Open Source Intelligence tools to investigate and report on war crimes.

- with Manisha Ganguly, The Guardian

Extracting Data from PDFs:
Master the art of extracting valuable data from PDFs, a crucial skill for data-driven journalism.

- with Jeremy Singer-Vine, The Data Liberation Project

AI in Small Newsrooms - Part I: Challenges and Opportunities:
Understand the challenges small newsrooms face with AI integration and the potential opportunities it presents.

- with Florencia Coelho, La Nación Data

Introduction to Solutions Journalism:
Discover the approach of solutions journalism, focusing on response and resolution rather than just problems.

- with Juliette Gerbais, European Journalism Center

AI in Small Newsrooms - Part II: How to make an AI project possible with a good strategy and collaboration
Strategize and collaborate to make AI projects feasible, even in smaller newsroom settings.

- with Florencia Coelho, La Nación Data

Co-designing Story Ideas For Turkey:
Collaborate and co-design compelling story ideas tailored for the Turkish audience.

- with Aylin Özalp and Zeynep Sentek, The Black Sea

How To Become A Climate Journalist:
Step into the critical world of climate journalism and understand its nuances and importance.

- with Bianca Lemmens, European Journalism Center


Making And Breaking AI In The Newsroom:

Explore the transformative role of Artificial Intelligence in modern newsrooms and its potential to reshape journalism.

- with Jonathan Soma, Columbia University

Introduction To Structuring Data:
Learn the fundamentals of data structuring to enhance your investigative and reporting capabilities.

- with Jeremy Singer-Vine, The Data Liberation Project

The Crisis Of Our Century: Understanding Water Security And How To Report On It:
Discover how CSIS uses multimedia to bring global water insecurity stories to life, merging data with personal narratives.

- with Sarah Grace and Zane Swanson, Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)


Avoiding burnout in an always-on culture:

Prevent burnout by recognizing signs of physical, mental, and emotional strain.

- with AX (Ana) Mina, The Self Investigation

Tools and methods for processing and managing lots of data for investigations at OCCRP:
Delve into investigative tools and techniques.

- with Eric Barrett, Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project

Citizen & community voices: Local journalism and civil discourse shaping public policy:

Explore ways that universities and journalism NGOs can collaborate to create space for democratic dialogue in local communities.

- with Timothy J. Shaffer, Jenna DeMaio, Simon Brand, SNF Ithaca Initiative, University of Delaware

How to FOIA the US:
Navigate the intricacies of the Freedom of Information Act in the US and harness it for in-depth reporting.

- with Jeremy Singer-Vine, The Data Liberation Project

Introduction to Blender for 3D maps and data visualization:
Venture into Blender and the immersive world of 3D data visualization and storytelling.

- with Julian Anton Hoffmann

These workshops promise hands-on experiences, expert guidance, and insights into the latest trends and techniques in journalism.

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We look forward to welcoming you!